Welcome to Circle Dance

Leah Bella

Dancing is one of the deepest ways of communication in human beings and circular dance is the merging point of the relationships that people establish among each other and with life itself.

Nature and human beings have not lost their linkage. We still communicate with nature through rituals and ceremonies considered traditional means of spiritual growth and communion.

By intertwining language and mystery, dance arises from our innermost deep vision. Wrapped around internal sounds, purity and music are born from the rich flow of movement stemming from mankind’s history, legends, fables and myths.

In their ascension to new heights, women create and develop their own dance within a dance circle, elevating themselves towards the inherent gift that enables them to recognize the unraveling unity of their children with the universe.

We dance because we like to dance. It’s a way to meet people in a playful game full of mystery and healing. At the encounter, the body becomes loose; movement becomes part of the music and the mind stops thinking. We stop thinking about everyday life. We dance in order to hold hands with the rest of mankind, to protect ourselves as members of a tribe, in community. The heart rejoices as we attain group’s recognition. We melt with the sound while enjoying the space in which we laugh, cry and find liberation.

Circular dance is self-motivation, body splendor and health.

" Dancing is elevating oneself, is going back to lightness, to inspiration... It's a projection towards the source and the origin of nature - Leah Bella. "